idiot sperm donors and mad scientists

This shit scares me - really really scares me... (your frightened editor)

I Considered Cloning Myself -- But I'm Having Second Thoughts

by Stephen Moss, The Guardian

A British couple have paid $100,000 to clone their dog. But however tempting the process might be for a human egoist, it would destroy the point of life: that it ends.

(and this idiot goes on:)

I guess I could have become a sperm donor instead, but I worried too much about being traced by offspring wanting handouts. My egoism was tempered by emotional and fiscal wariness.

Hey, Bud, those would be your kids - you bleeping idiot... you ego-maniac, psychopath...

So let's just say there are too many people running around the planet like this knucklehead...


I fathered 800 children, claims sperm donor
by Natalie Morton & Sarah Bell, BBC News
An unlicensed UK sperm donor has been connecting with intended parents online for 16 years, donating once a week and charging $50 a pop.


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