Make an Herbal Tincture by using the Folk Method

1 cup vodka
4 ounces of fresh herb or 2 ounces of dried herb
Crush or chop the herb. Place the herb in a jar. (Canning jars are excellent). Cover the herb with the vodka. Add extra vodka if needed to ensure that the herb is completely submerged in the vodka. Place a lid on the jar. Label the jar with the name of the herb, liquid, and date that you started the preparation. Store the jar in a warm place. (On top of a refrigerator is a good location). Shake the jar vigorously twice daily. After two or more weeks, strain out the liquid using cheesecloth. Press the herbs while straining so that you will reap the maximum healing benefits from your tincture. Pour the tincture into glass bottles for storage. Carefully label each one. Use the same labeling information that you had on the prior label. Include dosing information. The dose varies depending upon the herb which you are using. Compost the spent herb. That is called the marc.
Tinctures which are designed to be used long-term may be prepared with vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent menstruum for extracting vitamins and minerals.


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