ARTSY US: Institutional Time

“In this characteristically tenacious book, feminist artist and educator Chicago, best known for her 1979 installation The Dinner Party, shares her struggles and successes as an art instructor—at CalArts (where she helped establish the feminist art program), Indiana University, Duke, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and elsewhere—and boldly calls for a systematic restructuring of studio art programs, which she finds ‘deficient, dishonest, and lacking in standards,’ as well as androcentric. Chicago’s critiques and proposals are powerful conversation-starters, presented earnestly and without academic jargon. She contends, for example, that studio art educators should have teaching credentials; that students should be exposed to a greater variety of art practices and practitioners, such as muralists and community-based artists; women’s studies should be fully integrated into the core curriculum; and, finally, ‘artists might consider joining forces to combat an art system that is bad for art and toxic for artists.’ Disillusioned students and educators will benefit from this rousing book.”
Publishers Weekly
this is true, if I had $40 I'd buy this...BOOM!


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