he does not believe in hashtags

Editors’ Choice:  Best of Jackson Hole (Wyoming)
Best ‘grammer with Class
Tristan Greszko (@tgreszko) (instagrammer)


In an era of social media excess, things that appear to be reality may not be reality at all. 

One of the larger critiques of social media begs the question: Does it come from art or ego? 

Humble yet talented Tristan Greszko grams beautiful images without all the hype. Cofounder of the Teton Artlab in 2007, this adventure photographer’s accomplishments include Tiny Jackson (google it), national and international publications, completion of two Teton Picnics, and climbing El Cap. In the Insta world, he keeps the class without flaunting pictures of his chiseled body glistening in the sun or posting countless selfies of himself getting after it in the mountains; most importantly, he does not believe in hashtags

When asked about this slight counterculture perspective, Tristan explains that while people need followers to be relevant, “hashtags just play into the rat race.” 

Photography, he said, “Suits my inherent need to search for perfection – not in the universal sense, but maybe in a tiny localized sense – within an individual image, or a moment, or a person in a moment, or just the need to continually refine and improve my skills as a photographer.” Gram subjects of @tgreszko note that he does not disrupt the lifestyle while taking photographs. If anything, Tristan adds to the lifestyle with his mad skill, good attitude and great snacks. This incognito presence seems to be a rarity in the world of instantaneous self-aggrandizing, but that’s what makes this guy pretty darn classy.
Elizabeth Koutrelakos