relatively speaking

Relatively Speaking.

I 'm related to the amoeba,
I'm even related to all plants,
I have DNA in common
With the bees and with the ants,
I share a common ancestor
With snails and slugs and the worm
With the squid and the octopus,
And myriads of other things that squirm.
I'm related to all the fish
That swim under the sea,
And all the whales and dolphins
Are cousins of you and me.
I'm related to the platypus,
The elephant and the frog,
The tiger and the pussycat,
The wolf and the lapdog,
The mouse, the rat, the squirrels,
The monkey in the tree
And the great ape who waves and smiles
Then throws his shit at me.
I'm related to flightless birds
And those who soar in the sky,
All of them share genes with us
They're all related to you and I.
I'm related to all humans
On planet Earth today
But I never cease to question
Will there ever be a way
For us to live together
In peace and harmony
Or will some of us just keep on hating
Until all of us cease to be?

Tom Higgins 08/05/2015

Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all relatives.. and related... BOOM!

go hunt

go hunt

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