:self.migration: (poet's seat finalist 2017)

Here is the new unpublished poem that made me a finalist.

: self.migration :

I self.migrate here, from there
I drive unfettered multiple times to multiple states to multiple addresses
I cross unchecked boundaries, through invisible state lines, past fenced farms and gated communities
I am free so I self.relocate here, since I am free to relocate anywhere in America
I bring boxes filled with memories, with enough to rent a storage unit
I arrive unscathed, unhurt, but not exactly state-approved
Does Massachusetts care that I am here?
I self.migrate with papers, with proof, without arrest
I raid my fiancé’s space, his territory, his living room
I marry him, and I marry his identity and my identity and take his name
I register my car, get my driver’s license, and register to vote
Would this happen if I was from Iran, Nigeria or Guatemala and not from Wisconsin?
Does Massachusetts care that I am here?
Does it matter that I am a Connecticut-transplant, a journalist, formerly employed by a tribe?
Cameras pointed at cars would be able to find me eventually
How long will it take for me to become a local? How long?
How many years?
Does Massachusetts care that I am here?
I find descendants here of many generations, of bloodlines not my own
How long before I am questioned?

Trace Lara Hentz, Greenfield ©2017
(written in the BigY parking lot)

and the Bardo Group's MAY 2017 BeZINE published me HERE 
May 2017, Vol.3, Issue 8, Honesty and Transparency the Post Truth Era

[...I finished Crime Machine by Giles Blunt (OMG, I love his entire crime series), finished Letter from Point Clear and Prince Edward by Dennis McFarland, then on to any book I can find by Wilson Roberts who I met at the Poet's Seat contest. And my friend AskiAkira published a new book HAIKU POEMS which I reviewed on this blog and on Amazon. I'm reading a pile of books at one time - it's my escape.]

One task at a time... I have to remind myself.

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