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Wise words are snapshots.  In three-sentence-structures with five-seven-five syllables, in snippets of one man’s movement across the cosmos, Japanese elder AshiAkira shares 496 of these precious moments in his new collection HAIKU POEMS [ISBN: 978-1-4834-6846-4].

As Ashi explains in his introduction, “By catching a glimpse of nature’s work, only a momentary spark, and jotting it down in words as a reflection of our mind, we may get closer to knowing it. 

Out of thousands he’s done, his first collection of haiku-style was randomly chosen by the 79-year-old poet, and each is as joyful as it is sacred.

Wherever you are,
You are watching this same moon
Together with me.

Hear sparrows chirping.
I can tell what’s going on.
They can’t keep secrets.

Weather forecasters—
Basically honest people,
So I forgive you.

Clouds flowing away
Bring my words with you to her.
Stars twinkle like her eyes.

A crow on a branch
Watches other birds away
Like a lonely king.

Humming of mother
Long ago, but it still sounds
In my gray-haired head.

Dragonflies move fast.
They hover from time to time.
They see the world well.

Evening subway train,
Many people busy texting.
A child smiled at me.

The middle of August,
Anniversary of war’s end.
Hunger remembered.

Crows on a tree branch
In black robes like Buddhist monks
In meditation.

He writes:
Since the haiku poems must be squeezed into such a small number of syllables, we need a special poetic license to write them: the license to kill, to kill the grammar. And, for now:
Whatever language
Say it in five-seven-five rhythm
My heart will follow

AshiAkira’s new book is a beauty, a ravishing art, pleasing and easy on the eyes, and lovely to the heart.

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