Appreciation Friday: Alex Pentek

A very unique monument is being unveiled in Ireland, according to reporter Naomi O’Leary: “Sculpture to be unveiled in Cork to remember generosity of the Choctaw Nation, Native American tribe that sent famine aid to Ireland in 1847.” It’s by artist Alex Pentek. (via Twitter/NaomiOhReally)


My best work

REVIEW: Janice L. Loper 5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional. Truthful. Intensely absorbing. Eloquent. November 29, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition You get such an emotional response from each page. Your mind shouts, “Yes, This is truth.” As you read. Some passages leave you bleeding and stunned. Others have you shaking your head. These collections and musings are quite stirring. The truth can be quite ugly.