Appreciation Friday: Carlo Zinelli

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, made in the San Giacomo Hospital, Verona, Italy (1961). (Photo by Henri Germond/copyright Fondazione Culturale Carlo Zinelli)

Carlo Zinelli (1916-74) at the American Folk Art Museum (until 20 August) is the first US solo show of this self-taught Italian artist who had a breakdown after his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War. In 1947, having lost his ability to communicate verbally, he permanently entered a psychiatric hospital in Verona. There, he took up drawing in 1955 and painting two years later. The exhibition presents 55 of his compelling works in tempera that often feature frenetic, repeating motifs of human or animal figures in bright colours. Many of the works were painted on both sides of the paper, and presented recto and verso in the show.


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