Twitter Poet Laureate Brian Bilston


But (twitter) is also a platform for poets themselves to interact and engage with their audience - and, indeed, find new audiences - through experimentation with content and form, and a deeper engagement with real world concerns.
I shall finish with one more poem, written one day when Twitter became unavailable for a whole afternoon, much to the angst of millions of people around the world.

It's called The day that Twitter went down.

That day I got things done.
I went for a long run.
Played ping-pong,
Wrote a song.
It got to number one.
That day I did a lot.
I tied a Windsor knot.
Helped the poor,
Stopped a war,
Read all of Walter Scott.
O what a day to seize.
I learnt some Cantonese.
Led a coup,
Climbed K2,
Cured a tropical disease.
That day I met deadlines,
Got crowned King of Liechtenstein,
Stroked a toucan,
Found Lord Lucan,
Then Twitter came back online.


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