What happened to America? #shoplocal

Wilson's in Greenfield since 1982
Greenfield, Massachusetts

We are so very lucky! In 2017, we still have Wilson's, a downtown department store in Greenfield (and plenty of small businesses and a Saturday farmers market). Our town has fought with the city council to NOT allow a big box store.

I grew up in Superior Wisconsin and we had a department store Roth's.  It's important to be able to shop and spend local. A department store is a place to buy clothes, underwear, gifts, birthday cards, even mattresses. I bought myself a orange leather wallet at Wilson's for my birthday last year. When I need something, I look there first.

Wilson's is where my husband buys jeans
I cannot remember all that Roth's (on three floors) sold but they did sell appliances, too. My parents had an account and you could pay for things in installments. Nice, right?

My sister's small town in Illinois was ruined when the big box came into town. They promised many things and even said they'd advertise with the local newspaper (to get their early support) - but that never happened - and one by one the small stores were shuttered. Out of Business. Out of a job. My sister lost her job.

I understand people need things... they need to shop... they need food, etc.
What happens when you do that at a big box or online - maybe to save a few bucks.

New Report: Wal-Mart Destroys Local Economy ...

New Study: Wal-Mart Means Fewer Jobs, Less Small Businesses ...

What happened to America? If you click on those links, you'll have my answer.

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