Misogyny 101

The Internal Logic of Misogyny 
Sexism, or the belief that men are superior to women, is morally bad. Misogyny, or the aggression towards women who upset that worldview, is also bad. But the problem, says Cornell philosophy professor Kate Manne, is that misogyny is logical, and even to be expected, when your starting point is predicated on male dominance. Manne illustrates how this plays out, and why misogyny itself is so hard to stop. (The Brian Lehrer Show)


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REVIEW: Janice L. Loper 5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional. Truthful. Intensely absorbing. Eloquent. November 29, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition You get such an emotional response from each page. Your mind shouts, “Yes, This is truth.” As you read. Some passages leave you bleeding and stunned. Others have you shaking your head. These collections and musings are quite stirring. The truth can be quite ugly.