plans plans plans (update)

You do have plans?
What kind?
Plans or pans or land or ands?
I have plans.
I'm saving plastic Wonder Bread bags and the oatmeal box plastic rings.
I even dreamt how I'm going to braid the bags and wrap the rings.
Maybe I'm nuts. Maybe not.
But hey, the next few years are unknown,
and instead of screaming at the TV (again)
or trusting people who say all will be OK, or not,
maybe even better than we expect,
that the orange clown will give us what we want, or not,
and the truth, or more lies,
the hidden shit, mind-blowing evidence, ending all conspiracy theories,
then I'm waiting.
I'm waiting to hear something smart come out of his mouth.
But I'm still waiting.
I'm making new plans.

UPDATED... A preview of my new chapbook: Am I supposed to be doing this?, using by penname Laramie Harlow.


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