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annoy What started you blogging? 
I had to start a blog when my first book ONE SMALL SACRIFICE was published in the late fall of 2009. If you have a book, you MUST have a blog. I have so many going I can’t keep track sometimes.
OK, let me list them: American Indian Adoptees on Blogger, Big BOOM Big BOOM,  and a few more... There were many I made as an experiment like Thought Bomb.
I have an author website now! HERE - well, I have a new book out Mental Midgets |  It's A Miracle We've Survived this far!

This was me playing with book cover design
And Blue Hand Books has its own website.
And I write on the Lost Daughters blog (not too often.)

See what I mean? There are so many!  I used to teach how to blog at the local community college.

Do you worry about how your blogs affect others? 
I don’t worry anymore but I did when I first started blogging.

Where do you write?
I write in a small office which is also my library.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Ideas pop into my head all the time—and I read a variety of things to get inspired. Real Life inspires me, like the true story about Naked Jesus who stalled traffic on I95 and caused Herb’s fishing charter boat to delay it’s trip a few hours in Hyannis.  Those kind of things make me think, AH, sure, I could write about that!

What do you do to soothe your soul?
Writing has always helped me sort out and process my feelings. It still does.

What’s one of your favourite books?
The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (but there are many many more.) If you read this blog, you will find many of my book reviews...

What are you searching for?
I am not searching like I used to. I’m in the moment.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?
A Computer.  My husband!

Introvert or Extrovert?
I was an extrovert until I healed my soul.

Favorite place to write?
Near running water like the ocean… it helps me breathe.

I made graphics for this BOOM blog too

[the life-cycle of a trend is 30 years, so at 15 years past... the work will be in its worst light. hmmm.]


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