The Legacy of Cosmic Glue

The Legacy of Cosmic Glue

…what I call the download

Her hands are gentle, firm
Not frail, fingers of aha
wisdom, grip earned, sun burned
And as she places those warm hands upon you
hugs you to her
It is then she remembers
her child tiny just like you
And the touch from her parents, and her grandparents
In those days when she visited them
Ancestral love is in her touch, a download
Of her memory
Of her knowledge
Of her experience
(and whether or not you are aware)
(Even if you don’t remember)
That love becomes yours
Ancestor after ancestor after ancestor
Handed down… cosmic love, cosmic glue

(This download is secret and one of the most precious in this world)    © 2017 

from the new twin book by Trace Hentz


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