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road trip here

The Big Wobble: Missile test, space junk or a meteor?

make me a poem this good

Hey wait a fast minute

Ladies & Gentlemen of A.D. 2088

Thursday=Thor Day

Garlic Up

Lin-Manuel Miranda (The Electric Company)

what happened? damn

The Secret Sun: Dog Days: Another Look at the X-Files Reboot

Black Knight Satellite

The Big Wobble: Arctic is leaking methane 200 times faster than usual...

Background check company reads your private Faceboook

sun day


we saw this last night - lightning cloud (BIG BOOMS)

Hypnosis for Pain

AH August

Appreciation Friday: Wendy Stevens, Arm Candy

Your Destiny is Stone Golden

Wednesday's Word

Terrific Tuesday Thought: Dr. C Interviews the 7 Day Urban Monk

Most Important Speech Ever. Get it Men?

Your Hair is Antenna

Deadly algae bloom at Utah Lake is the worst ever ...

The Ramshackle Vampire: Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

I want every day to be #Firgunday

Utah Phillips on "Making a Living, Not a Killing"

tumeric bombs


MRI Software BUG may Invalidate 40,000 Medical Studies

Museum Hack

like blogging?

Wednesday's Word

think with me

Word-Painting: T is for Telephone Call Box

Tuesday's Terrific Thought: Alan Watts - Cultivating The level Of Detachment


paint away

Good Man Monday

Love Is The Answer (it has always been the answer)

Boom! Juno within Jupiter’s magnetosphere

The Myth of Normal

happenin' now

(French body parts)...

What portal did CERN open now?

Saturday SLOW

Appreciation Friday: Artist Georgia O'Keefe

David Foster Wallace’s mind-blowing creative nonfiction syllabus: “This does not mean an essayist’s goal is to ‘share’ or ‘express herself’ or whatever feel-good term you got taught in high school”

illinois ufo january 2000 documentary

j'adore francais

Google Cultural Institute

Assholes Episode 3

Wednesday's word

Stranger Things Have Happened: The Revolutionary Monarch

Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight

Louis Armstrong & The Mills Bros - W.P.A.

think with me

maxi priest wild world

I just watched Catch A Fire (2006)

star power

Appreciation Friday: Warhol

go hunt

go hunt


Mountain ranges may act as 'safe haven' for species facing climate change

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