star power

She's still big; it's the pictures that are getting smaller.
Kristen Stewart, who became one of the most recognizable humans in the world for playing Bella Swan, the tender, tremulous teenage vampire-lover in the massively successful Twilight franchise, has lately been showing off her talents in a string of more modest productions. In the almost four years since the fifth and final installment of the Twilight saga was released, the actress has scrupulously avoided blockbusters, instead headlining and taking supporting roles in auteurist films made on either side of the Atlantic.

Her range post-Bella was demonstrated last month at Cannes, where two disparate projects premiered within days of each other: Woody Allen's 1930s-set Café Society, in which she plays a bobby-socked movie studio secretary caught in a love triangle, and Olivier Assayas's resolutely of-this-moment Personal Shopper, a shape-shifting ghost story that features the actress in nearly every frame.

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