Brainwrap: No debate? WHAT?

Just last night I posted a diary which included a poll asking what how people thought the Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will play out. I included 7 different options.

The very last option I included...which ended up receiving a whopping 58% of the votes...was this:
Trump chickens out of showing up at all, blaming the media/the moderator/the host network for "not treating him fairly"
Well, less than 24 hours later, guess what?


Wow...I figured there was a good chance of him weaseling out of the debates, but I didn’t think he would start the process the very first day of the general election!

In fact, I actually figured he’d go ahead and willingly participate in the first one (September 26th), and would only squirm out of the second and third ones after getting his ass thoroughly handed to him in Round 1.
From the looks of it, he has no intention of even showing that much backbone.
Stay tuned...


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go hunt


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