Ah, the places I have lived | Drugstore Cowboy


Way back in 1988, at least I think it was, the William S. Burroughs - Gus Van Sant film Drugstore Cowboy was filming in Portland Oregon and a friend of mine, Ray Monge, was in it. He brought actor Matt Dillon to my gift store to meet me and GUESS WHAT? I wasn't there that afternoon.

WHAT THE___!!! I was really messed up when Ray told me. But Matt and Kelly Lynch signed a publicity photo for me. And my photo was stored by a supposed-friend in Tillamook and I never saw it again. So that's my bad story for the day.

My first store was l'quix fix, when I was 30.  My last store was ZOOLOOZ in Old Town (located in the New Market Theatre) (1986-1990). I worked seven days a week back then. 
That makes me tired now.

Movie Clip: google DRUGSTORE COWBOY

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