Ah, the places that I lived" : Las Vegas 51s

When you live on Gipsy Avenue, you and your roomies have crazy parties and dress up. This party we were celebrating Mexico. I'm on the floor and Emily is right behind me. That girl was a party all by herself.
I remember MTV was brand new. I was mesmerized. I couldn't stop watching. Yes, that was in 1983, a very long time ago.
In Vegas, I got a temp job doing demo's for liquor candy - yup, fancy chocolate candy that had liquor in each piece. (This was not my first demo job) (Paid well)
Marty, back row left, and Jeff, center, were minor league semi-pro baseball players, recruited from Minneapolis to Vegas.  (On Sundays, Marty and Jeff had "pro-fun tours" in Minneapolis/St. Paul sports bars. I met Marty and Jeff when I sang in Tropic Zone.) Emily was from New Orleans.
Those were fun times.
The group of us went up to Mount Charleston Lodge often -  a very hip hangout with live music.

[The Las Vegas 51s, formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars, are a Minor League Baseball team of the Pacific Coast League (PCL) and the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets. They are located in Las Vegas, and are named for Area 51 which is located near Rachel, Nevada, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas. The team logo jokingly depicts one of the grey aliens thought by UFO believers to inhabit that base. They play at Cashman Field which has a capacity of 9,334 people. The 51s won the PCL championship as the Stars in 1986 and 1988.]

Spooky AREA 51


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