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On May 24th, YouTuber Very Bad Goyim uploaded a video of Donald Trump saying “let’s give them a helicopter ride” followed by a clip showing a fleet of helicopters marked with “Trump” (shown below). On June 2nd, the God Emperor Trump channel uploaded a video of the Trump clip followed by edited footage of Hillary Clinton being thrown out of a helicopter.

“Free Helicopter Rides” refers to extrajudicial killings known as “death flights,”[4] in which military forces throw people from aircraft into large bodies of water. Online, the phrase is often used by members of the alt-right in jokes about executing their political opponents (via helicopter).

On May 11th, the donaldtrumpepe Tumblr[8] blog shared an illustration of Pusheen throwing “Carl the Cuck”: out of a helicopter (shown below). On May 20th, the blog[9] posted an illustration of Feels Guy being thrown out a Trump helicopter by Pepe the Frog" : (shown below).

On June 17th, the feminist blog We Hunted The Mammoth[7] published an article about the helicopter ride meme. On November 5th, FunnyJunk[6] user mortuz submitted a screenshot of a Twitter argument between conservative comedian Steven Crowder and a person named Leah titled “Leah needs a fucking helicopter ride.”

So the helicopter has a unique significance in 2017... and to this BOOM blog...

go hunt

go hunt

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