#WriteWhatScaresYou (swear word warning)

OK, this is my cue to let you know I need JUNE off. That means no posts... SORRY! 
Here is why:

There will be cursing today. Run away if that bothers you. I don’t mind.

Do you worry what others think about you? Do you sit at your computer screen, paralyzed to type what you really want to say for fear of what your mom, husband, brother, friend, or best friend from second grade might say? Maybe you have shared your writing and been burned, relationships severed, friendships or family relationships strained or even ended.

Or maybe those around you are so threatened by the possibility that you will share your story that they actually threaten you.

Others people’s problems are other people’s problems.
Don’t take that shit personally. #WriteWhatScaresYou

Fuck that shit. As Cheryl Strayed says, you need to write like a motherfucker. What does she mean by that? Does she mean write with papers everywhere, cartoon balls of trash flying across the room, keys tapping to the beat of Copacabana? (Let’s hope not. We’ll never get that song out of our heads.)

No. She means that you need to own it. Own your shit. Write your shit.
Ignore the voices or others, get in your head, your heart, grab your soul and write the shit out of that shit.

[This resonates with me because that’s how I wrote Broken Places (my latest release) and Broken Pieces. Let’s deconstruct. KEEP READING THIS]

(Who loves you?) (I do!) (see you later alligator)

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