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thanks Barry!

Cheap Basturd Boss

POWER: The Queen of Versailles

get out of jail free card?

it will be funny

Lost Lands? Think with me more

i hear voices

Wednesday's Words

11 Things You Never Knew About The Earth and Vibration

in transit

i know what you're thinking

Atlantis and First Nations

in our hearts

Flashdance: She's A Maniac

Gorilla Flashdance in Pool

Pangea, Atlantis: Think with me

Michael Zwack: soldiers

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

eclipse coming august

Appreciation Friday: Alex Pentek

Ah, The places I have Lived: NYC

Psychic Ills "See You There" (Official Music Video)

oh shit

atwood: bored

Snowball Earth Period?

Trump Twitter Museum?

We Are NY Renews

What is the truth? Watch

happy solstice

Aimee Mann - Patient Zero

Good Music Monday: Perfume Genius

Oldest Known Human Remains Extend our History Back by 100,000 Years - say what?


My curious journey from orphan to activist

Redbone: Message From a Drum

Sunday Love: Wilma Mankiller

"Forget Winnetou!"

Obit (2016)

Friday's are all about art

go hunt

go hunt


Mountain ranges may act as 'safe haven' for species facing climate change

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