learn to grieve?

I am known to binge-watch HOARDERS. It's not appealing or appetizing, but rather stomach-turning and sad. Why do I do this? To remind myself we are not what we OWN and we really must learn to grieve better... You know - CRY and process...
Almost every hoarder has suffered a loss of a family member and they never finished grieving... HMMM...it's not rocket science, people...learn to grieve...  BOOM!

Got Clutter? Buy Less Stuff 
Between extreme hoarding and extreme minimalism, there’s a sustainable middle ground for staying organized and generally clutter-free. Amanda Sullivan, author of Organized Enough, says that getting there starts with developing reasonable habits. Two good ones: regularly donate things, and don't shop if you don’t need to. (The Leonard Lopate Show)

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go hunt

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