Places I have Lived: timing and synchronicity


Many years ago, 1984 actually, I read an interesting article in Cosmopolitan magazine about healers. I was living in Oregon and engaged to be married. Dave proposed to me on Friday the 13, that July. We decided to get married on Crystal Lake at my parents retirement home in Wascott, WI, and the Larrabee siblings were set to meet there for a family reunion, too. When I got to Wisconsin, my adoptive dad was sick. Throwing up sick. Taking him to doctors was my new job, like an ambulance driver. It was during surgery on August 3, the doctors said cancer and gave him 6 months. On August 4th, the wedding happened, many people flew in, lots of lovely gifts, a big meal, but it's still a blur to me. We drove north to Duluth in our wedding clothes to see my dad in the hospital, since he was unable to walk me down the sidewalk/aisle.
When I got back to Oregon, I wrote letters to the healers in that Cosmo article. One of them was Patricia Sun, in California. She mailed me a cassette tape. Patricia was known for making a sound, a mysterious sound.
Since dad wasn't interested in healers or thinking outside the western medicine paradigm, healing spirit wasn't in the realm of possibility for him, sadly.
I had my own ideas then about healing and they have matured as I have.
Take a listen to Patricia Sun's work. (There are more videos of her on youtube, of course.)

2014: Patricia Sun Media announces the release of a free audio recording titled Relationships and Matching Energy: The Good, the Bad and the Wonderful. The audio recording is available at Ms. Sun introduces her insights on wonderful win-win relationships, expanding on empowering both men and women. She also draws on concepts from her new blog, Domestic Abuse..."it's complicated".

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