take a bow? social rules?

  • Strangers being introduced shake hands, as in Western societies, but
    • Bow toward each other, in Korea, Japan and China
    • Do not bow at each other, in the Jewish tradition
    • In the United States, eye contact, a nod of the head toward each other, and a smile, with no bowing; the palm of the hand faces sideways, neither upward nor downward, in a business handshake.
    • Present business cards to each other, in business meetings
  • Click heels together, in past eras of Western history[citation needed]
  • A woman's curtsey, in some societies
  • In the Middle East, never displaying the sole of the foot toward another, as this would be seen as a grave insult.
  • In many schools, though seats for students are not assigned they are still "claimed" by certain students, and sitting in someone else's seat is considered an insult

OK, for me, some rules are make to be broken! BOOM! (and to all of you who follow this blog experiment - we at Boom here BOW to you!)

go hunt

go hunt


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