Me too. #SilentNoMore

Greenfield, MA

Oh God I am sobbing. I was just on Facebook and all my friends are posting Me too.
Me too means they were sexually assaulted or harassed or worse. It seems all my friends are posting the same Me Too. It's an avalanche.

My friend just posted this:
Me, too.
If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote, "Me, too," as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.
It doesn't have to be rape, it can be attempted rape, groping, cat calls like, "nice legs, great tits". It's being touched anywhere, having the boy behind you in high school snap your bra strap or comment on your breasts.
It's filthy jokes at work, the boss makes you uncomfortable by being to close, the guy in the bar who makes you so uncomfortable you have to get a friend to help. It's not being able to walk down the street without whistling and being afraid to walk alone after dark.
It's even being told to, "Smile, you'll look prettier."
It happens more than people realize.
Please share.

I am sobbing because I buried some of the assaults. More than one. And now it's coming back to me. I didn't want to remember them. And now the flood gates opened.

Please get help. I did. It's OK to cry.

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