UPDATE! What about BLOGGER? and #FREEZEME Equifax

Blogging is a good release like a good book. We want you to feel a little wild in your visits here.

Here at BOOM BOOM, we are facing forward with the challenge of hating (google) Blogger Platform (for google's dirty invasion of our privacy and doggin' and selling our data) ...but contrast that with our big love for the design freedom of Blogger. We like to tweak and change the sidebar, for example.

You already KNOW we like to play around a lot on BOOM.
And I just read that blogger may be on the way out? So they'll be forcing me to move this blog? Maybe by 2018?

If we do go to wordpress, it lacks that pizzazz (Boom's humble opinion) and wordpress is truly more for writing and not design. (We like writing but we LOVE design in our blogs)

So please let us think about this all month. Do we want to keep our artistic spirit here and be free to goof  --- OR we move on to a new platform?

THEN what are we going to do about data theft by Equifax?
BOOM thinks all the credit reporting agencies need to be gone - we were affected by this latest data breach. FREEZE me please!

Go ahead and leave us a comment on this blog, too. What do you think?

go hunt

go hunt


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