mechanizing ethics? superhuman artificial intelligence

oh, no... they did... AI learns to feel things...

Billionaires Create Fund to Teach Morals to AI

Who are they? EBay founder Pierre Omidyar, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, the Knight Foundation (a non-profit charitable foundation) and Omidyar’s charitable foundation, Omidyar Network.
In a press release in January 2017, Omidyar announced the group has initially given $27 million to researchers who will work at MIT’s Media Lab and Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society to develop what Constellation Research (a Silicon Valley technology research and advisory firm) VP and principal analyst Steve Wilson calls a “deep, cross-disciplinary systems thinking being applied to the problem of mechanizing ethics.”

For example, one of the most critical challenges is how do we make sure that the machines we ‘train’ don’t perpetuate and amplify the same human biases that plague society?


(Really!) Billionaires are moral? The inmates are running the asylum now? BOOM

Commenter: How about teaching morals to yourselves? The top 8 of the richest men in the world have as much as 3.6 billion people, or the bottom half of the entire global population. That's absolutely disgusting. Something is wrong with peoples greed and yet nothing ever changes.

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go hunt


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