your free gift: White House Baby Congrats

your baby might be a kid by the time you get the greeting!
(U.S. citizens only)

Free Congratulatory Greetings from the White House. 

The President and First Lady will send a card to you for the birth of your new baby, or some other occasion, officially from the White House with their signatures! 

Send a birth announcement or your baby’s name,  address and birth date to:

The White House
Attn:  Greetings Office
Washington, D.C.  20502-0039

Make sure to also include:
1. Name of honoree(s). (The Baby’s Name)
2. Address of honoree(s).
3. Form of address (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss).
4. Date (month, day, year) of birth, birthday, wedding, or anniversary.
5. Requestor’s name and daytime phone number.

You can also send it by FAX: 202-395-1232

Please note: email requests will not be honored.

You can also try to submit it online HERE (which is just a Contact page). Type “Greetings request” in the message box. Give the required details for the greeting.  However, you will probably have better luck if you do it by regular mail.
This is a wonderful addition to your child’s baby book, and a great keepsake. The president will also send a congratulatory greeting for other special occasions in addition to welcoming your new baby.
Please note that the White House Greetings Office is currently swamped and it may take several months for your Presidential greeting to arrive for the birth of your new baby. This free service is for US citizens only.

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