EXPOSED - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife

Receiving Critical Acclaim from Prominent Individuals, Including Jane Goodall

 "I have just watched EXPOSED, and two emotions vie with each other: First, horror that cruelty of this magnitude and scale has been perpetrated, for so long, in the name of the American government. And second, great admiration for the brave men who, jeopardizing personal safety and future employment, spoke out against the atrocities that they saw perpetrated, and admitted having perpetrated themselves. This is the 21st Century. There is indisputable evidence that we are not the only beings on planet earth to know mental and physical suffering. For years I have heard stories of this kind of barbaric behavior – and now Americans will learn, through watching "EXPOSED," of the unforgivable actions of those who have exercised their power to cause untold agony to thousands of innocent fellow creatures on our planet. Congratulations to all involved in making this documentary. I hope it will be watched by millions." 
JANE GOODALL, Ph.D., DBE Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace


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