Byfusion machine + Plastic Bricks

and, when all is said and tried, and plastic ‘needs’ to be discarded send it to a ‘brick maker’.

Introducing Peter Lewis from Dunedin, New Zealand.
‘Peter Lewis spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to patent plastic blocks in August 2002, and millions since then to develop industrial scale equipment. The Byfusion machine required to make the bricks is manufactured in New Zealand and can be exported in shipping containers. Their mass production techniques are appropriate for many areas of the world, including turning the massive plastic garbage patches in the oceans into useful products. 

See Great Pacific Garbage Patch for details on the extent of the problem. ‘ excerpt from article Recycled Plastic Block Houses  (

‘These rock-hard bricks could be used for garden retaining or landscaping walls, and had other potential uses including shock absorbers behind crash barriers’. Read Peter’s full story from the Otago times 2010 article – by clicking on the image below.


Harvey Lacey a Texan man who evolved Peter’s idea further over the last few years, first by enlisting Peter’s help, machines and knowledge set up his own operation based in Texas, USA.

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